How-To: Gongfu-Style Brewing (Infographic)

September 25, 2015

How to Gongfu-Style Brewing

Brew your tea Gongfu-Style to Maximize Aroma and Taste

Brewing Tea Gongfu-Style means using a higher amount of tea leaves in relation to water while letting the tea steep only a few seconds per infusion. This stands in contrast to Western-Style Brewing where less tea and more water is used for longer infusions. Gongfu-Style brewing does not require any specific equipment like the items listed above, but these items do make the process more enjoyable in our opinion. :)

Gongfu-Style Brewing comes from Gongfu-Brewing which is the traditional, ceremonial way of brewng tea in certain Asian countries. It is literally translated to "making tea with skill". While Gongfu-Brewing is a complex ritual, Gongfu-Style Brewing rather refers to the practical way of extracting the most amount of flavor from the leaf.


  1. Pre-Heat Water

Pre-Heat Water to required temperature for the specific type of tea used. (Check out our Brewing Guide)

  1. Pre-Heat your Gaiwan/Teapot, Gong Dao Bei and Drinking Cup

Pour some of the pre-heated ater into the Gaiwan/Teapot, then pour the water into the Gong Dao Bei and finally into the Drinking Cup. This way all of the teaware is pre-heated and the water will not lose temperature when we start steeping. A not-preheated piece of teaware can lower the ater temperature by 10°C (18°F) which makes a significant difference or steeping tea. After pre-heating the teaware empty all of the tea vessels.

  1. Fill Gaiwan/Teapot with tea leaves and steeo*

Use approximately 4 to 5 times the amount of leaf you would normally use for Western-Style Brewing and brew the leaves very briefly for 5 to 20 seconds depending on the type of tea used. Consult the teasprout Brewing Guide for detailed information about brewing time and amount of tea necessary. Make sure the lid of the Gaiwan/Teapot is closed while brewing to contain heat.

* Before this step, you can also choose to rinse/wash your tea before brewing. This is done to remove any kind of small, broken leaf parts or dust and it also makes the leaves open up. Pour some of the pre-heated water over the tea leaves and immediately empty out the water.

  1. Pur tea brew through the Strainer into Gong Dao Bei

After steeping pour the tea from the Gaiwan/Teapot through the Strainer into the Gong Dao Bei. This way small, broken tea leaves are caught and will not end up in the drinking cup.

  1. Pour into Drinking Cups and enjoy!

Pour the tea from the Gong Dao Bei into the Drinking Cups and enjoy your Gongfu-Style brewed tea! Brewing Gongfu-Style means lots and lots of consecutive infusions of the same tea leaves. Up to 20 with certain types! Also keep in mind that the steeping time should be increased slightly with each consecutive infusion.


Love Tea and love to write about it.

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