How-To: Grandpa-Style Tea Brewing (Infographic)

February 10, 2019

Brewing tea Grandpa-Style means using a large glass or ceramic cup with a little amount of tea leaves. The Tea is steeped directly inside the cup throughout the whole process without any form of filtering. After the tea has cooled and the leaves have settled, it is drunk straight out of the cup and is then re-steeped

Grandpa-Style brewing is probably the most convenient and easiest brewing method and requires the least amount of equipment. Since the leaves are constantly immersed in water, the tea ends to reveal its full flavor profile very quickly. This can be especially convenient if you want to compare similar teas with each other.

Grandpa-Style is the most widely used way of drinking tea in the east.


1. Pre-Heat Water

Pre-Heat Water for the required temperature for the type of tea used (Check our Brewing Guide). Ideally, also pre-heat the cup.

2. Put Tea into cup and pour Hot Water

Use a very small amount of tea. Not more than 1g (0.03 oz) per 100 ml (3 oz.). A good rule of thumb is having the leaves only barely cover the bottom of the cup. For ball-rolled leaves use even less. Also try to pour against the wall of the cup to give the leaves an extra swirl.

3. Let tea steep and cool down

Let the tea cool down to drinking temperature while the tea leaves settle on the bottom of the cup.

4. Drink straight from the Cup

Try drinking through your teeth to keep tea leaves out of your mouth.

5. Re-steep when half-full

As soon as your cup is only half (or even 2/3rds) full, re-fill with hot water. Again, pour against the wall of the cup instead of the center. This ensures a better flavor distribution so that you don't end up with a very diluted cup. You can re-fill several times until you have extracted all the flavor from the leaf.


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