How-To: Prepare Matcha (Infographic)

September 25, 2015

How-To: Prepare Matcha Tea

Prepare a Bowl ofn Matcha Green Tea the Traditional Way

How it works:

Since Matcha is a fine tea powder, the preparation differs greatly from how usual leaf-teas are prepared. By whisking the matcha powder in hot water for several seconds an even distribution of the powder is achieved. A fine foam forms on the surface, which is a sign that the matcha is ready,

  1. Pre-Heat Water

Pre-Heat Water to 70° to 80° C (157° to 176° F)

  1. Pre-Heat Whisk and Bowl

Pour some of the pre-heated water into the bowl and soak the Whisk in it. Do this for a couple of seconds and then empty the bowl. This way the whisk is less likely to break during future use and the Bowl will absorb some heat from the water so that when you start steeping the water temperature will stay constant.+

  1. Sift Matcha through Sieve into Bowl

Scoop up 2 full scoops (with Matcha Spoon) of Matcha Powder and sift it through the Sieve into the Bowl. This way you avoid clumps of powder building up.

  1. Add Water and Whisk

Add 60 ml (2 oz.) of pre-heated water into the bowl and use the Whisk to mix the powder with the water.

  1. Whisking Motion

Use rapid, brisk, W-shaped zig-zag motion using your wrist (not arm) until the Matcha has a thick froth with many tiny bubbles on the surface. Whisking for 10 - 20 seconds should be sufficient.

  1. You're done!

If you find your Matcha too strong you can add some additional Water after whisking. Enjoy your Bowl of Matcha. :)


Love Tea and love to write about it.

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